What does the ONLINE HOPE Tests Comprise of?
The HOPE Tests which is a battery of four tests comprises of:

1. Hope Test of Intelligence
2. Hope Test of Interest Part I & II
3. Hope Test of Personality
4. Hope Test of Sales Aptitude

The first Test is a measure of Intelligence of an Individual. This test will cut off automatically after 40 minutes and hence both concentration and speed is required.

The second test on Interest consists of two parts. Part I indicates the most preferred and least preferred interest areas of an individual (among the 36 areas) and Part II indicates the level of motivation of the individual in the dominant areas of interest.

The third test is a measure of the personality traits of an individual. The emerging profile is an indicator of the personality covering 40 personality traits such as Responsible Vs Casual, Irritable Vs Calm Etc.

The fourth test reveals the sales aptitude of a person whether it is High, Average or Low.

How much time do these tests take?

Name of Test


1. Hope Test of Intelligence 40 Minutes
2. Hope Test of Interest Part I & II 40 Minutes
3. Hope Test of Personality 40 Minutes
4. Hope Test of Sales Aptitude 45 Minutes

Who developed the Hope Tests and are they valid and reliable?

The HOPE TESTS of Psychological measurement have been developed with care under the guidance of Dr.Amirtha Besant Raj M.A., M.Ed., Ed.M. (Boston), Ph.D., a Boston University trained psychometrician with significant experience in administering and interpreting psychological tests for over 25 years. These tests are field-tested and are valid and reliable. These tests are duly copyrighted with the Government of India No part of these tests can be reproduced in any form, without the express written permission of the copyright holder.

How to obtain user ID and Password?
After the receipt of the annual fee, a User ID and a Password will be given, which will give access to the companies to administer the Online Hope Tests to their employees/prospective employees

What is the system requirement for taking the tests?
Internet Explorer 5.5 and above