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2. Syndication of Funds
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1. Management Consultancy
We combine professional expertise with sound managerial experience to provide quality consultancy services to cater to a variety of needs of the corporates. Our wide range of Consultancy services include:

  • Long Range Corporate Planning
  • Company Re-organization
  • Revival of Sick Industrial Units
  • Operations Audit to Measure Efficiency
  • Preparation of Feasibility & Project Reports
  • Performance Appraisal & Feed Back Systems
  • Market Research & Market support Services
  • Corporate Monitoring and Reporting Service

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2. Syndication of Funds
We syndicate funds for Indian Corporates setting up new projects and for expansion / diversification. We also provide advice and assistance in the selection of Merchant Bankers.

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5. Psychometric Testing services

We are one of the pioneers in the country, since our inception in 1979, in introducing Psychometric testing services in Executive Selection and in potential assessment to identify performers to shoulder higher responsibilities.

Over the years, based on our vast experience in psychometric testing, we have developed and copyrighted with Government of India, FOUR of our own tests. These tests are now available ONLINE and can be used anywhere in the world.

Our battery of HOPE Psychometric Tests, which are ONLINE include:


Hope test of Intelligence Duration 40 Minutes only


Hope test of Interest (aptitude) Suggested Time approximately 40 Minutes


Hope test of Personality Suggested Time approximately 40 Minutes


Hope test of Sales Aptitude Suggested Time approximately 45 Minutes

Our tests are field tested over the years and are Reliable and Valid. These Psychological Tests have been developed with care under the Guidance of Dr. Mrs.Amirtha Besant Raj Ed.M (Boston), Ph.D., a Boston University trained psychometrician and these tests are duly copyrighted, with the Government of India.

On completion of the tests, the results appear on the monitor and can be downloaded. If the company does not want to disclose the results to candidates, this option can also be exercised.

In addition to our ONLINE TESTS, we also administer manually, several other psychological tests like measurement of emotional intelligence etc. as per specific requirements of our clients.

Intelligence Test
Intelligence tests are tests of general mental potentials. These tests measure a range of abilities including memory, verbal ability, reasoning skills and numerical ability.

Intelligence is the mental speed with which we do things. The higher the intelligence the faster is the mental speed. There is a mistaken belief that people with high intelligence will always perform better. While this may be generally true, the fact is that if the intelligence is higher than what the job demands, the person occupying the position will find it boring. Whereas if the intelligence of the person is inadequate in relation to the job, he/she will find the job very difficult. Hence it is essential to select candidates for positions taking into account the intelligence level required for the job.

Interest Test
Interest test, as the name suggests, identifies the various types of “interests” of individuals and categorizes them into high, medium or low.

A person is more likely to do better in jobs that involve activities in which he or she is interested. People get into professions either because of parental pressure or peer group pressure and after getting into that profession, many become disinterested and often end up with poor performance. Thus it would be wiser for the companies to recruit employees who have a high level of interest for the job.

Personality Test
Personality test helps to measure traits and characteristics that make a person unique. The various characteristics of an individual such as extroversion, introversion, calmness, responsibility, impulsiveness, emotional stability etc are assessed and a personality profile is developed. This test measures the enduring characteristics of the person that makes one unique.

A person’s cognitive and physical abilities alone seldom explain one’s performance. However other factors like interpersonal skills are also important. People are mostly hired based on their technical qualifications but later fired for non-performance. Such nonperformance arises due to a combination of personal characteristics such as attitude, temperament and traits. Hence it is essential for companies to consider the personality of an individual in relation to the needs of the job and the culture of the company.

Sales Aptitude Test Selling is an innate skill of an individual in influencing others in a unique way to buy the products or services. This test is specially designed to identify the selling potential and capability of an individual. Marketing is a vital function for any company. One of the main reasons for companies losing their market shares is due to the deployment of sales staff who lack the potential and interest to sell. Such situations can be avoided when the recruitment process identifies the inherent sales potential of the person being considered. Thus administration of the sales aptitude test in the recruitment process would enable the company to identify persons who have a flair, inclination, liking and capability to sell.

How to use the tests
In executive selection, our tests of intelligence, interest (aptitude) and personality should be administered together as a battery. The sales aptitude test can be used as a single test in the selection of all levels of sales personnel. However, in the selection of senior marketing / sales managers, all the 4 tests should be administered together as a battery.

Fee payable
Our tests can also be administered to one or more individuals as and when desired. In such cases, the fee payable will be:



Service Tax

Total (Rs)

Single test Rs.750 Rs.77 Rs.827
Two tests Rs.1500 Rs.155 Rs.1655
Three tests Rs.2250 Rs.232 Rs.2482
Four tests Rs.3000 Rs.309 Rs.3309

* Presently @ 10.3%
*Service Tax as applicable.

For report has to be given by our Director, we charge extra Rs.500/- per report.

Procedure for getting ID and password


Company Name
1.Name of contact person
2.Name of contact person


Name of the participant
Date of birth
Phone number
E-mail ID
Company Name
Address of school
Tests selected to be taken   1. Intelligence Test
                                          2. Interest Test
                                          3. Personality Test
                                          4.Sales Aptitude Test
Preferred test dates From:


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A selected list of our clients include: (Manually and Online) 

v   Allure Fashions

v    Everonn Systems India Ltd.

v    Harita Infoserve Ltd.

v    Harita TVS Technologies Ltd.

v    Harita NTI Ltd.

v    Pan Asia Logistics India Pvt. Ltd.

v    Sundaram Clayton Ltd.

v    Sundaram Auto Components Ltd.

v    TAFE  Ltd.

v    Trane India Ltd.

v    TVS Motor Company Ltd.

v    TVS Capital Funds Ltd.

v    Updated Services Pvt. Ltd.

v    Va Tech Wabag Ltd.


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